24 Jan 2020  •  Blog, NHS  •  3min read

Is 2020 the year you break free from the NHS?

Deep disillusionment and unhappiness with the current NHS general dental contract was one of the key findings from the latest Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey.

89% of predominantly NHS dentists said they were unhappy/very unhappy with the current contract. It’s unsurprising then that 93% of all dentists with NHS involvement think it is important/very important for the contract to change.

Some of those dentists who are desperate for change may have been hoping that reform could have been the salvation they were looking for.

However, with the regulations that allow for the prototyping of the reformed contract being extended late last year to run until 2022, the previously expected date of roll-out of April 2020, and any salvation that may have come with it, has been pushed back.

Who will reform work well for?

It seems there are many dentists who aren’t convinced that reform will herald a new, improved era for dentists.

According to the survey only 4% of dentists with NHS involvement think it will be good for the profession. 11% think it will work well for patients and 72% think it will work well for the Government.

Against this backdrop many may well be considering their future in the NHS – indeed 77% of dentists say they don’t see themselves operating in the NHS in five years’ time.

Of those, almost half – 46% – say they intend to move to private dentistry.

Free events for dentists

Bearing that in mind, we are holding a series of events for those who are looking for more information about how to make such a move.

At these free events, entitled ‘Are You Ready To Break Free From The NHS?’, dentists will be able to hear from and speak to experts who have the skills and capability to deal with any NHS conversion and private dentists who have first-hand experience of moving from NHS to private.

If you are unhappy with your current situation and would like some free honest and practical advice, you can attend one of the following events:

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