3 Mar 2016  •  Dentistry Confidence Monitor  •  3min read By  • Richard Scarborough

Richard Scarborough’s views on the results of the Third NHS Confidence Monitor

Unsurprisingly, the results of the latest NHS Confidence Monitor reiterate the findings of the earlier surveys.

They show a real lack of confidence in the future of NHS dentistry, be it the career prospects of practitioners and others within the broader profession or the ability of the Government to introduce a contract that will offer the right balance of treatment versus prevention. The launch of the Prototype contracts that include the dreaded UDA is no doubt adding to the distrust and lack of confidence.

I’m sure that there are lots of individuals in the profession that are looking at the Blend A prototype and thinking, ‘Is a contract with a remuneration split of 10% quality, 35% capitation and 55% quantity really a prevention-focused contract?’

A cynical viewpoint might be that the new contracts are just being designed to create a framework for the Government’s spin doctors to sell a message which is about improved access, health and value for money to the tax payer, whilst essentially just securing ‘cheaper’ NHS dentistry.

Based on Jeremy Hunt’s imposition of a new contract on junior doctor’s, I can only see the strengthening of the cynical viewpoint and an increased distrust in the Government to deliver anything other than cost saving!

To read the full results of the Third NHS Confidence Monitor click here.

About Richard

Having worked as a Corporate Area Manager, Richard has experience of managing and developing a broad range of practices including high-end specialist private practices, NHS practices and practices with NHS Pilot contracts. He is very knowledgeable about business development, with a background in supermarket area management. With experience of growing practices through ‘principal only’ NHS conversions, Richard is now a valued member of the Practice Plan team.

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