Tackle your recruitment and retention challenges head-on by watching this recording of Zoe Close, Mark Topley, Emma Anastasi and Lucie Simic, as they share their unique experiences and talent magnetising top tips.

About the webinar:

Zoe Close, Practice Plan’s Head of Sales, was joined on the panel by Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, CSR Expert and Coach Mark Topley, and CEO and Founding Director of Diamond Dental Staff, Emma Anastasi.

The panel discussed the key drivers they’ve seen attract top tier talent into dental practices, and the short and long-term activities that can help retain those hard-won employees. Topics of discussion also included implementing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, better utilising talent within your existing team, maximising the potential of job advertisements and how to make your dental practice stand out amongst the masses of vacancies on the job market.

Please note, this webinar was recorded live on Tuesday 7th February 2023.

About the speakers:

Zoe Close 

Zoe is Head of Sales at Practice Plan and has over 30 years’ experience in the dental sector including working as a group business manager for a corporate group, a dental nurse, a head receptionist, and a practice manager.

Zoe is passionate about supporting practices and can offer invaluable advice on how to strategically and successfully run your business.

Lucie Simic

Lucie Simic is a Dental Business Consultant and has worked in the dental industry for nearly a decade, helping practices increase their turnover and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Lucie managed a strategic business plan which transformed a three-chair practice into a seven-surgery referral hub in three years. Lucie has assisted many practices around the UK with their own journey and now works alongside Ashley Latter, delivering his training courses.

Mark Topley 

Mark has wide experience designing, implementing and developing CSR programmes and partnering with companies, from single-handed dental practices to global corporates and everything in between. Over the past 23 years, he has worked with charities and businesses on four continents.

Mark was the CEO of Bridge2Aid and was part of the founding team that grew it to become the UK’s foremost dental charity. In 2017, Mark made the decision to take his experience and passion into a new role, inspiring businesses to maximise the benefits to be gained from CSR, and work productively and meaningfully with charities.

Emma Anastasi

Emma Anastasi is the CEO and Founder of Diamond Dental Staff. Since launching her company in 2018, Emma and her team have passionately built a community and support network for dental professionals, teams, and practices across the UK.

With over 13 years of experience, Emma delivers award-winning business consultancy services that promote sustainable recruitment in dentistry, helping dental practices build an employer brand and a recruitment and retention strategy.

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On-demand webinar Recorded 07/02/2023