We hope you had a great day with Barry Oulton and took away lots of tips for becoming a world-class communicator!

Please see below the presentation slides and resources from the day to download. Please note, these resources are exclusive to Practice Plan members only. Don’t forget to share with the whole team.

Download part one of Barry’s slides which is all about understanding communication and when and how miscommunication happens.

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Download part two of Barry’s slides to access the Neuro-Linguistic Programming model of communication and affirmations section of the presentation.

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Download part three of Barry’s slides which are all about how to create rapport with your patients, loved ones and even strangers!

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Download part four of Barry’s slides where he looks at how language can weave magic! How you can use ‘but’ and ‘because’ to influence more patients than ever before to say YES to treatment!

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Barry will be sending a series of FREE emails, helping you to implement everything you have learnt into your everyday life! If you forgot to register on the tour, you can sign up here!

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Watch Barry’s one minute mindset video and download the PDF to show you how to implement this into your dental practice and morning huddle!

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Amy Cuddy provides an inspiring TED talk (2012) on ‘Your body language may shape who you are’. Watch the video to understand just how much your body language affects you!

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