Focus on your wellbeing

It has never been more important to recognise the importance of looking after our wellbeing and how important it is for us to feel calm, secure, and confident in dealing with the ups and downs of modern life. This said, focussing on our wellbeing is easily forgotten when demands of everyday are front and centre.

In our wellbeing section, we’ve created a space solely dedicated to helping you focus on you. Here, you’ll find resources helping you to understand what positive wellbeing means to you, what you can do to achieve and maintain this and how to look out for and support those around you.

Employment & HR Guidance

Sarah Buxton – Parental bereavement leave

Sarah Buxton discusses parental bereavement leave and how much time off a team member can take and what you should consider. However, it is important to note that the law is constantly changing around bereavement leave.

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Sarah Buxton – Domestic abuse

Sarah Buxton discusses how it’s good to have a policy or procedure in place in respect of a team member suffering from domestic abuse, as not only will you help that individual but domestic abuse has a huge effect on their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Sarah Buxton – IVF and assisted conception

Sarah Buxton talks about how you can support your team members going through IVF and assisted conception. Anyone going through it can show signs of physical or emotional stress which can impact their wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

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Sarah Buxton – Anti-harassment and bullying

Harassment and bullying is an important factor. As a practice, you will want to be committed to providing a working environment free from harassment and bullying, this also extends to outside of the workplace.

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Team Wellbeing

Mental health first aider courses

Former paramedic and mental health specialist, Andy Elwood, explains what the Mental Health First Aider course involves and how it can benefit practices and their teams.

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Looking after your team’s health and wellbeing guide

This guide from NHS England supports any team that is seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of members of the team, through a culture change approach.

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Spread some Winter cheer – Just Because!

Area Manager, Gary Nelson, suggests ways in which you can boost the morale of the team during the winter months.

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Keeping your mind as healthy as your teeth

Listen to Jo Clarke, Founder and Director at Petros - Resilience for life, who shares some top tips for dentists and practice teams to improve resilience and wellbeing.

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Your Wellbeing

Burnout recognition meditation for dental professionals

Another great mindfulness meditation from Mind Ninja. Designed specifically for dental professionals feeling the burnout, this mindfulness mediation will help you explore your energy and emotion levels, spotlighting burnout in order for you to take positive steps forward.

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What is mindfulness?

Watch this video from a psychologist and mindfulness expert who explains what mindfulness is, describes mindfulness techniques you can try and gives tips on how to start living in a mindful way.

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Letting go of worries meditation

Letting go of worries can be difficult. Particularly when you feel overwhelmed, too busy and tense. Mind Ninja – who helps dental professionals enhance their mental health – has designed this short mindfulness meditation to help you offload your worries, feel calmer, less stressed and more prepared.

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Resilience at a glance…

Print out or read this guide which summarises current thinking on this topic and includes some great ‘reflective practice’ and coaching activities, including a link to a free self-analysis questionnaire from Robertson Cooper.

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