The racing mind – a guide

This guide, written by Sleepio, looks at a few evidence-based techniques to help overcome the racing mind and encourage a good night’s sleep.

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Coping in a crisis

Keep track of how you're feeling, get recommendations for things you can do to help yourself cope, feel better and stay safe in a crisis from the Samaritans Self-Help.

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10 stress busters

If you're stressed, whether by your job or something more personal, try these 10 stress-busting suggestions from the NHS.

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Best possible self-meditation

Do you want to increase your level of optimism, resilience and well-being? If so, this short mindfulness meditation could be the key.

Created by Mind Ninja – who helps dental professions enhance their mental health – this calming mediation could become part of your daily routine

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Burnout recognition meditation for dental professionals

Another great mindfulness meditation from Mind Ninja. Designed specifically for dental professionals feeling the burnout, this mindfulness mediation will help you explore your energy and emotion levels, spotlighting burnout in order for you to take positive steps forward.

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What is mindfulness?

Watch this video from a psychologist and mindfulness expert who explains what mindfulness is, describes mindfulness techniques you can try and gives tips on how to start living in a mindful way.

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Letting go of worries meditation

Letting go of worries can be difficult. Particularly when you feel overwhelmed, too busy and tense. Mind Ninja – who helps dental professionals enhance their mental health – has designed this short mindfulness meditation to help you offload your worries, feel calmer, less stressed and more prepared.

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Resilience at a glance…

Print out or read this guide which summarises current thinking on this topic and includes some great ‘reflective practice’ and coaching activities, including a link to a free self-analysis questionnaire from Robertson Cooper.

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Couch to fitness

Improving our fitness and remaining active helps strengthen and support our mental health. Couch to Fitness has an online, free and flexible at-home exercise plan for beginners.

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How to cope with the mental health impact in a cost-of-living crisis

A recent survey conducted with therapists found that they have had an increase in conversations around the cost of living crisis with their clients and have noticed a negative impact on their client’s mental health due to the crisis. Read about what you can do to cope if your financial situations remain unchanged.

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Money and mental health: how to cope with financial worries

Money plays a big role in your wellbeing, so with prices soaring, it’s a challenging time for many. Find out what steps ‘Unbiased’ suggest you can take to resolve your financial struggles and to prioritise your mental health.

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Building morale and resilience

This article from Robertson Cooper looks at building morale and resilience from an organisational perspective and highlights this is key to surviving difficult times.

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The Wellbeing Toolkit for Dental Professionals

Download The Wellbeing Toolkit for Dental Professionals. Dr Mahrukh Khwaja has partnered with Unilever to bring a guide on how to flourish, thrive and avoid burnout in dentistry.

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Mind Plan

Answer a few simple questions on how you are feeling to get your free Mind Plan from Better Health, your personalised mental health action plan with tips and advice to help you be kind to your mind.

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Help and support is here

Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, the mental health charities, organisations and support groups in this download can offer expert advice.

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Wellbeing support guide

Download the guide from The British Doctors and Dentists Group, which has been created for dental professionals and outlines strategies to maintain your wellbeing and techniques for self-care.

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Top tips for dealing with change

Joanne Phoenix, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan shares her experience of dealing with change and some tips on how to move through it.

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Debunking some myths about suicide

In this blog, Andy Elwood, Mental Health First Aid instructor, sets out to bust some of the myths about suicide to mark World Suicide Prevention Day and shares some resources of where to go to ask for help.

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