Join Nigel Jones, Alan Suggett and Mike Blenkharn in conversation during this recorded webinar, all about the changing landscape of the dental market and what we can expect in 2023.

About the webinar:

Only earlier this year, the market for buying a dental practice was on an upward trajectory. According to the Christie & Co ‘Dental Market Review 2022 – Insight Into The UK Dental Market’, “the level of market activity in 2021 continued into 2022 despite geopolitical uncertainty. With the average sale price having increased by 8.1% in 2021.”*

Conversely, the latest NASDAL Goodwill survey (showing quarter ending 30.04.2022) showed the opposite of the recent pattern of increases in goodwill values.** This, as well as the mergers of several of the corporate groups this year, the ever-looming recession, and increased costs are just a few of the factors that have changed the market considerably in recent months.

But what does the dental market landscape look like as we head towards the end of quarter four? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? And what can potential owners, buyers and sellers expect in 2023 and beyond?

In this recorded webinar, Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Practice Plan, are in discussion with those at the coal face of buying and selling dental practices – Specialist Dental Accountants, Alan Suggett and Mike Blenkharn.

As well as dissecting the current state of the dental market, the expert panel will be discussing:

  • Key influences that can impact the value of a dental practice
  • The status of the corporate groups within the dental market
  • EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) – what it is, how it’s calculated and what impacts it
  • The position of squat practices in the dental market.

*Dental Market Review 2022 | Christie & Co, 05/07/2022

** 14/09/22

Please note, this webinar was recorded live 08/12/2022.

Meet the speakers:

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones is the Sales and Marketing Director at Practice Plan and has been working in the dental sector for over 30 years. He has a special interest in the development and future of NHS dentistry in the UK.

His knowledge and passion for dentistry has led him to become a trusted voice, offering invaluable advice on how to strategically and successfully run a practice.


Alan Suggett

Alan is a Specialist Dental Accountant. After 13 successful years as a partner and Head of UNW Dental, Alan moved into a consultancy role for the firm in 2022.

Prior to Alan’s change of role he was a member of NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers), where he sat on the Technical Committee and was the Chair of the Superannuation Committee, and prepared the NASDAL quarterly survey of Goodwill values. He is also a member of ASPD (Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists).

Mike Blenkharn

Mike, is a Chartered Certified Accountant and Head of Dental at UNW LLP, has over 10 years’ experience in working with dental professionals.

Mike has overall responsibility for over 300 practice clients and is actively involved in advising clients in respect of accounts, practice purchases/sales and restructuring. Alongside his dental accounting experience, Mike has a wealth of experience in NHS contracts, net pensionable earnings, tax affairs, exit strategies, and retirement planning.

Watch the recording

Location Date & Time
On-demand webinar Recorded 08/12/2022