Support on finding, keeping and motivating your practice team

Staff shortages from Brexit, people exiting dentistry in favour of a less stressful career, practice teams demanding a better life/work balance, stresses of working with the backlog brought on by the pandemic and the effect COVID has had on people’s wellbeing and motivation are just some of the challenges managers now face.

Here, you’ll find a wealth of expert advice, ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking on how to best overcome these challenges to find, build and keep a healthy and happy team.


Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Culture

In this episode, Mark discusses how building a good, positive culture is really important from both a potential employee looking in and people that are already in the business and making them stay.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Leadership

In this episode, Mark discusses how leadership is absolutely critical and how the level of leadership will always determine the level of success we can achieve in business.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Development

The next important factor that Mark explains is 'development' and how people are looking for different things at work. Developing our people is crucial and it's a key factor in workplace satisfaction.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Responsibility

The next aspect of recruitment and retention is 'responsibility' and demonstrating that you are a responsible practice. It's reported that the one thing employees look for in an employer is CSR (corporate social responsibility) which Mark gives us the low-down on.

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Practice Management

How to create a motivated team

Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, shares some ideas on how, by uncovering the individuals goals and aspirations, you can build a motivated team that come to work enjoying their role.

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Line manager development exercises

Once you’ve taken the ‘management behaviour quiz’ to the left, based on the areas highlighted in your recommendations report, the following exercises will help to develop your management capabilities.

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Management behaviour alignment quiz

As a line manager, you have a vital role to play in supporting the health, wellbeing and engagement of your team, and thereby their performance. Use this quiz to find out how your management approach aligns.

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How to solve recruitment issues

Read more about the ongoing recruitment crisis in dentistry, including its cause and ways to overcome it and try to find ways to help solve it.

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System & Process Efficacy

Key things to remember when recruiting new staff members

HR and employment lawyer, Sarah Buxton, looks at some of the key things you need to avoid when going through an application process to recruit a new team member.

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How CSR can help you survive the recruitment and retention crisis

Watch this webinar to hear why Zoe Close and Mark Topley think it’s important for dental practices to have a strong commitment to their Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility strategy in order to attract and keep the right people in their teams.

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Time to armour up against complaints and litigation

Watch back the recording of this live webinar with Zoe Close, Sarah Buxton and Stephen Henderson, who discuss tackling one of the major issues plaguing the dental profession and how to armour yourself against it.

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How to set ground rules to handle aggressive patients

Verbal, and sometimes physical aggression is becoming something front of house staff are being subjected to more frequently. Dental coach, Michael Bentley, shares some hints on how to deal with this type of situation and suggests introducing a patient charter.

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