How to solve recruitment issues

Read more about the ongoing recruitment crisis in dentistry, including its cause and ways to overcome it and try to find ways to help solve it.

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Retention & Engagement Guide

Almost every owner and manager faces the same team problems including recruitment, retention, remuneration and risk of poaching by competitors. In a new free guide, Mark Topley shares the key principles that are critical to retaining and engaging your existing team members.

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How to create a motivated team

Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, shares some ideas on how, by uncovering the individuals goals and aspirations, you can build a motivated team that come to work enjoying their role.

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Line manager development exercises

Once you’ve taken the ‘management behaviour quiz’ to the left, based on the areas highlighted in your recommendations report, the following exercises will help to develop your management capabilities.

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Management behaviour alignment quiz

As a line manager, you have a vital role to play in supporting the health, wellbeing and engagement of your team, and thereby their performance. Use this quiz to find out how your management approach aligns.

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Going Back to Basics for Dental Practices: Navigating Gaps in Your Diary

Dental business consultant, Lucie Simic offers some suggestions on managing a busy diary.

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Dental Mentoring Network

Michelle Hardy, Sales Support Manager at Practice Plan catches up with Fiona Ellwood BEM, Founder of Dental Mentoring Network to discuss the benefits of mentoring and how to get started. What you’ll hear: How Fiona…

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Polly Bhambra – a force to be reckoned with

Practice Plan customer, Polly Bhambra, explains how important developing the right culture within the practice can be in creating a positive working environment.

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How to handle NHS call enquiries

Donna Hall, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan shares her top tips on how to handle calls enquiring about NHS dental treatment and convert more patients on a private basis.

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Opportunities to up-skill for dental nurses

Fiona Ellwood BEM, Executive Director at the Society of British Dental Nurses, discusses the role of a dental nurse, the importance of them in your dental practice and different ways to support and up-skill.

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Creating a Wow Welcome: Top Tips for Welcoming New Team Members into a Dental Practice

Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, shares some ideas on how to make sure starters get the type of welcome that will impress and convince them they’re in the right place.

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How to deal with the recruitment and retention cycle in dentistry

Les Jones, Creative Director at Practice Plan catches up with Chris Barrow, Dental Business Coach to discuss the current recruitment and retention problems in dentistry, how to recruit the best talent for your practice and what you should look for in a team member.

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Marketing and social media strategies for your dental practice

Listen to Emma Anastasi, Founding Director of Diamond Dental Staff as she advises why you should have a marketing and social media strategy in place.

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How to wow when recruiting

Dental business coach, Chris Barrow, shares some advice on how to overcome recruitment difficulties and what you should be thinking about as you're composing a job advert.

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A Game-Changing recruitment hack stumbled upon by accident!

Shaz Memon, founder of Digimax dental marketing agency shares a great recruitment tip and what candidates tend to consider when it comes to joining a practice.

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Getting started with diary zoning

Listen to Deborah Bell, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, talk about diary zoning, how to get started with it and how it can help with time management in practice.

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Recruitment in Dentistry – Utilising digital platforms and word of mouth

Chris Barrow, Dental business coach, shares his thoughts on recruitment in dentistry and his top tips on what to include in job adverts.

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Six ways to show your staff how much you appreciate them

Showing how much you appreciate your staff is so important to creating and developing a happy team. Practice Plan’s Donna Hall shares simple and easy-to-implement ways you can show your staff how much you value them.

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