Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Introduction

In the introduction to a series of 5 more videos, Mark Topley, Business Coach, explains that despite the ongoing recruitment crisis in dentistry, there are still simple and implementable strategies that will help you to stand out as a employer of choice. Check out further videos on the five key areas; 'purpose', 'culture', 'leadership', 'development' and 'responsibility'.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Purpose

In this episode, Mark talks around how the first thing that you need to focus on when it comes to recruitment and retention is 'purpose' and making sure that the work that you do matters and showing that to your team.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Culture

In this episode, Mark discusses how building a good, positive culture is really important from both a potential employee looking in and people that are already in the business and making them stay.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Leadership

In this episode, Mark discusses how leadership is absolutely critical and how the level of leadership will always determine the level of success we can achieve in business.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Development

The next important factor that Mark explains is 'development' and how people are looking for different things at work. Developing our people is crucial and it's a key factor in workplace satisfaction.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Responsibility

The next aspect of recruitment and retention is 'responsibility' and demonstrating that you are a responsible practice. It's reported that the one thing employees look for in an employer is CSR (corporate social responsibility) which Mark gives us the low-down on.

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Mark Topley: Recruitment and Retention: Resources sheet

Hopefully you found the videos informative. The next step is to download the 'resource sheet' for practical implementation ideas and tips that will apply to the key stages of recruitment, induction and retention.

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Building your confidence resource sheet

Download business coach, Chris Barrow's useful resource sheet to help you focus on four key areas; achievements, confidence, excitement and success.

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Simple steps to exceptional leadership

With people swapping jobs for more money, it has never been more important to look at how to keep and recruit the best talent. In this podcast, Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter interviewed David Taylor, who has been delivering leadership and management training for over 30 years.

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Why do you need to create a culture of kindness in your dental practice?

Kevin Rose, owner of Rose and Co, explains why it’s so important to create a kind atmosphere in your practice and suggests things you can do to create a culture of kindness.

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Going Back to Basics for Dental Practices: Navigating Gaps in Your Diary

Dental business consultant, Lucie Simic offers some suggestions on managing a busy diary.

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Dental Mentoring Network

Michelle Hardy, Sales Support Manager at Practice Plan catches up with Fiona Ellwood BEM, Founder of Dental Mentoring Network to discuss the benefits of mentoring and how to get started. What you’ll hear: How Fiona…

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Vulnerability -it’s a strength not a weakness

Dental Business Coach, Mark Topley, puts the case for vulnerability as a tool of good leadership.

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Polly Bhambra – a force to be reckoned with

Practice Plan customer, Polly Bhambra, explains how important developing the right culture within the practice can be in creating a positive working environment.

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How to handle NHS call enquiries

Donna Hall, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan shares her top tips on how to handle calls enquiring about NHS dental treatment and convert more patients on a private basis.

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Opportunities to up-skill for dental nurses

Fiona Ellwood BEM, Executive Director at the Society of British Dental Nurses, discusses the role of a dental nurse, the importance of them in your dental practice and different ways to support and up-skill.

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Creating a Wow Welcome: Top Tips for Welcoming New Team Members into a Dental Practice

Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, shares some ideas on how to make sure starters get the type of welcome that will impress and convince them they’re in the right place.

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How can I keep my team happy and motivated? It’s not about you

Here dental business coach, Dr Bhavna Doshi of Dental Wealth Builder offers solutions as to how to keep a team happy and motivated.

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